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Financial Statements, Tax Returns and Other Corporate Services in Oliver

We understand that navigating financial waters can be stressful. We assist our clients by educating and equipping them with the right tools, knowledge and strategies to achieve their goals. When you choose Kim L. Hadley, CPA for your accounting needs, rest assured that you are in safe hands. Schedule an appointment.

We Have Your Corporation's Best Interest at Heart

We know you have plans, dreams and desires for your company. We can be the catalyst that helps you reach those goals and overcome obstacles along the way.

According to the Income Tax Act, a corporation is considered a "person". This person operates completely independently of its shareholders. This distinction creates the advantage of directing how, when and in what form remuneration is paid to the shareholders. Whether it is as employment income or as dividends, many factors are considered to determine the most favourable outcome for the company and its shareholders. 

Considering the corporation as a "person" helps us understand that it is a living organism that requires nurturing to reach its full potential. Nurturing involves a system of checks and balances that keeps us in sync with the corporation’s needs. Our firm can be instrumental in creating and monitoring this system throughout the life of your corporation.

It is also important to remember that decisions taken by the corporation have to be made by the directors, not the shareholders. Even though, these roles may be filled by the same individuals, they do not have the same powers and responsibilities. In addition, there are numerous reporting requirements in order to comply with provincial and federal corporate and tax laws. Our firm will help you navigate these intricacies with confidence and understanding.

Get Your Company an Edge

We offer individualized services that meet your unique needs and goals.

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